Harry Potter e-books, OverDrive, the DPLA, Amazon, other topics come up in Bibliotech interview with me

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imageThe Bibliotech podcast, based in Ontario, has just posted a two-hour audio interview with me on topics ranging from Harry Potter e-books to OverDrive, the Digital Public Library of America, Library Renewal, and Amazon.

Many thanks to Kayhan B, Erin Anderson and Doug Mirams for all the time they put into their super-thoughtful questions. I also appreciated the lowdown on Ontario’s e-libraries scene, including fiscal challenges. One more reason for libraries to reduce middleman costs!

Biobliotech is part of the Dquarium technology network (D word explained here). Among past Bibliotech guests have been Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens on “the new normal”; Sue “No Shelf Required” Polanka on the future of e-books in libraries; Gale Cengage Learning’s Stephen Abram on timely topics such as crowd sourcing; Lisa Carlucci Thomas on mobile technology; Marshall Breeding, on library automation; Buffy J. Hamilton on transliteracy; TeleRead editor Paul Biba, on e-books, publishers, and libraries; library tech expert and author David Lee King on social media and the Web for libraries; Michael Porter on Library Renewal; Sarah “Librarian in Black” Houghton on privacy; and Jan Dawson on real-time chat services.

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