ResourceShelf’s Gary Price is spreading word of LibraryCity

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imageimageWhat an auspicious start. Gary Price’s ResourceShelf Resource blog, read by thousands of librarians, has just posted word of LibraryCity’s existence.

imageAlong the way, Gary has engaged in some on-the-mark ESP and suggested that we write about the effect of a national digital library system on local libraries and librarians.

Exactly! And we hope you’ll share your own thoughts on how the digital library system could fit in with the existing library world while benefiting the public. If nothing else, in the long term, the online system could mean that a higher percentage of library spending in the U.S. would go for books, other content, and highly trained librarians.

Also, Gary suggests that we keep pointing to other writings on the digital library issue. Happy to oblige. Send URLs!

Detail: We intended to put out a news release and tweet about LibraryCity after guiding this site out of beta. But via an email list, the sharp-eyed Gary noticed a reference to a post we planned to make at about cloud computing (on the way in a day or two). He asked for permission to do an item; and that concluded our beta period. Oh, the power of information!

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