Digital Public Space initiative in the UK

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imageA national digital public library system shouldn’t just have to buy content. What about the wealth of texts, images and videos found in the files of nonprofit groups? Is there a way for interested groups to use libraries to distribute these goodies in a systematic way—for both free use by nonprofits and paid commercial use?

Tony Ageh from the BBC is working on a “Digital Public Space” initiative in the UK to help make this vision possible. An article by Jemima Kiss in The Guardian last month spotlights his work.

A few takeaway quotes:

  • “It would, he claims, stimulate the creative economy, drive digital literacy and maximise public value.”
  • Tom Loosemore, a former colleague at the BBC, is quoted, “It will only happen if the government wants to do it.  The BBC is the only organisation that could propose that idea.” 
  • “Digital Public Space will need to be largely self-funded, says Ageh, by aggregating and sharing existing technologies and tools….”

(Image by Matt Locke is Creative Commons-licensed.)

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