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Other tips for LibraryCity fans:

1. Each post contains a button near the top to download the commentary in the standard ePub format or else a Kindle-readable one. You can read the file as if it’s an e-book. This feature is not yet available for stable pages, such as the one you’re reading now.

2. At the ends of posts are buttons to send the words directly to your Kindle or one of Amazon’s iOS or Android apps. “Send to Kindle” is experimental. The formatting may be off.

3. You’ll also see buttons to create saveable, mailable, or printable PDFs.

4. Voice Aloud is great for Android users who want to hear our posts. iOS, Apple’s operating system for iPhones and iPads, has read-aloud built in through the system’s accessibility menus.

5. After instantly creating a downloadable ePub through our button, users of iPads or iPhones can effortlessly feed the file into a reader with text to speech, such as Voice Dream. Result? We can be with you during your commute or while you jog. Access isn’t just for people with disabilities!

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