Contact information: David Rothman— and 703.370.6540. David edits this site and has been writing for years on national digital library issues. See our About page, also including information on LibraryCity co-founder Tom Peters, a Library Journal Mover and Shaker with expertise in both the public and academic library worlds. Yes, we welcome contributions from others, with the understanding that they don't necessarily speak for us and vice versa.

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6 comments to “Contact”
6 comments to “Contact”
  1. Dear David,

    I really appreciate you producing this website, it has been a very useful resource for digital library information. I’m currently working on a digital library prototype and would be really grateful to ask you a few questions. Is there a convenient time we could have a brief chat?
    Most warmly,


  2. Were it not for Libraries the human thesaurus would not have been revealed, although, many have been burned or destroyed by the ignoramus and other world catastrophies. And yet, in today’s age,
    we still have politicians considering the mighty dollar more than the value of a book. And how come that this happens more within the Anglo-Saxons’ realm rather with the other nations?

    As for the e-Library system, sure, it helps propagate the written words, BUT… it is one thing to anticipate continuity of what’s happening when one turns a physical page and totally another experience when doing it electronically because it misses the aroma…and the ability to want to mark selected passages or words though a book should never be defaced… besides, having a colorful & diversified home library it has been always added value to one’s mental environment.
    Hence…URAH FOR LIBRARIES! As for the Librarians, that’s another matter entirely! HA!

  3. Hey, Ralph, here’s a belated but heartfelt reply to one of your points. Around here we love both libraries and librarians and are interested in helping the latter thrive in the digital era. Librarians help promote books—and other good content!—and encourage people of all ages to absorb them.

    David Rothman

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