FAQ on National Digital Library endowment plan going online this weekend: Be a part of it

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faqimageUpdate, April 18, 2013: The FAQ is here. Feedback still welcome!

Librarians and others can help build a National Digital Library Endowment FAQ—with questions, suggested answers and other ideas. Just email.

Yes, I know: If you’re a typical librarian, for example, you’re busy enough with your regular work

But this is an invitation to those who can make the time, now or later—the FAQ can be a dynamic document. Here’s an example of the need for the endowment:  Mississippi spent just $1.42 per capita on public library books and other content in fiscal year 2010. And the territory of Guam? Just 57 cents. A digital strategy would allow easier sharing of resources nationally.

A summary of the endowment plan appeared on the Atlantic’s site, and some library blogs are starting to take notice.

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